There’s Something for Everyone!

League City United Methodist Church offers 8 different Adult Sunday School Classes each of which meets weekly on Sunday morning from 9:55 - 10:45 AM. You are invited to visit several classes and choose the one whose personality fits you best!


VOYAGERS Room 123: The Voyagers are primarily comprised of single and married adults in their 30’s-40’s who study topics that enhance their Christian walk. This class is extremely active in the church with almost every class member involved in one or more church activities, committees, etc. “Voyagers on the Move” blossomed out of this class and consists of family field trips to fun, inexpensive (sometimes free!) places to promote quality family time. Find us on Facebook! (page name?)  The class enjoys being together, whether it’s doing service projects around the church, eating dinner together at a restaurant, or gathering at someone’s home for a party and fellowship.

SHEPHERDS Room 205: This is a class comprised of couples and singles ages 40’s-50’s with children of all ages. The class enjoys studying the Bible as well as other topics relevant to their lives including parenting and raising children. They enjoy family gatherings that include children and nights out without the children.

AGAPE 202 Room 202: This class is a wide mix of ages and experiences, but we are all bound with a common love for understanding God’s Word and how to live out His Word through our lives. We spend equal time in the Old and New Testament as we seek to understand how Jesus is revealed in God’s Word from Genesis through Revelation.  In late Fall and early Winter, their studies are going from Genesis to Exodus.

FAMILY TIES Room 132: This is a class made up of multi-generational adults.  The class studies a wide variety of subjects…we usually vote on what we want to study next and who wants to teach.  We enjoy a lively discussion and don’t mind when that discussion leads us off the path (“but we digress” is the class unofficial name).  We are very open.  We don’t have all the answers and that doesn’t bother us.  We love to laugh.

PAIRS & SPARES Room 201: This is a class comprised of adults (50’s and older) who enjoy hearing and discussing different ideas about scripture and the Christian experience. Most of our children are out of the house, so our interests have changed from “parenting” to “grand-parenting” and dealing with life in the middle years.

SEEKERS Room 203: This is a class comprised of adults 60+ who study a variety of Bible-to-life issues. The class members are motivated and inspired in their participation and service to the church on a daily basis, and they also enjoy getting together for food, fun and fellowship outside of class time.

WOMEN OF THE WELL Room 134: This is a class comprised of women of all ages who focus on the values, service and ties of the family of God to all God’s children. The class offers lessons of hope, wisdom, generosity, love, integrity, courage and humility with an emphasis on strengthening our relationship with God and our worship of Jesus through the study of God’s Word and Spirit-led discussions.

NEW FOUND FRIENDS Room 135:  Friends of all ages thematically studying the Bible in a small group setting.  This warm and connected class relates the Bible to our everyday lives, utilizing a deep level of trust and committed support in our walks with Christ.